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The Elder Scrolls Online wants to remind you it’s launching today with a flashy trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online launch trailer

Did you know that The Elder Scrolls Online launches today? You probably do, since Jeremy just mentioned it a few hours ago and we’ve got an Elder Scrolls review for you to read. Yep, haughty elves, shifty lizard folk and buff orcs will be running around killing things for the promise of experience and loot pretty damn soon. 

ZeniMax Online have put together another striking, but utterly unrepresentative, trailer for you to gawp at to celebrate the launch. Plaster your eyes all over it inappropriately, below. 

Our Nick’s got his review-in-progress going on right now, as well. You can catch him streaming his shenanigans over on our Twitch channel, or follow his adventures as he writes them up.

Have any of you lovely lot bit the bullet and picked the game up?