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The Elder Scrolls Online’s first Adventure Zone, Craglorn, has been opened up to the veteran masses

The Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn update

The Elder Scrolls Online’s first major piece of post-launch content is now live, after two months since launch and our pretty disappointing Elder Scrolls review. Veteran adventurers can now explore the new region of Craglorn – the first Adventure Zone – where they can wander around new delves (hopefully finding fewer players camping spawns), participate in a new storyline and dabble in the 12-player trials. 

While ZeniMax’s focus for the rickety MMO has been end game content, there’s also been a number of bug fixes and tweaks across the board. 

Craglorn and its quests are for groups of Veteran 10+ rank characters, though ZeniMax says players may still enter the area and explore it before they’ve reached that rank.

Elsewhere, a death recap feature has been added, breaking down how you screwed up and what screwed you over. It’s a friendly reminder to watch out next time.

The update also sees fixes and improvements throughout the game, ZeniMax promises. PvP, animation, audio, combat, crafting, dungeons, exploration, quests and the UI have all been fiddled with.

That’s a broad amount of fixes, but then again, it was rather broken.

You can find the full patch notes for the update here.