Enderal: The Shard of Order – a new Skyrim total conversion


Following on from the excellent total conversion for Oblivion, Nehirim, (which won the PC Gamer ‘Mod of the Year 2010) the development team behind it ‘SureAI’ have announced their latest project. Enderal – The Shards of Order is another total conversion, this time for Skyrim but set in its own universe. More details and screens below.

The difference between Skyrim and Enderal is immediately noticeable when you look at the screens – it may make use of the same elements, but it’s a huge new tropical world. Beyond that, it’s more low fantasy than high – the team describe it as “fantasy for adults… dirty and immersive, and there are no fairies”. The weapons look even more garish than Skyrim, if that’s possible.

Despite that avowed griminess,it won’t be lacking in polish andproduction values; looking at the official site alone, you can see how much time they’re lavishing on it, and the SureAI team is huge, with access to professional facilities, musiciansand voice actors. The list of coders alone is bigger than many AAA studios.

There are some notable changes and continuances from Nehirim. There will be more player decisions and deeper characters, and they’re changing the skill system from Skyrim, reverting to Nehirim’s and allowing players to more deeply customise their characters. Apart from that, they promise a new continent, a variety of climates and regions, a complex main quest and believable companions and characters.