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How to become emperor: The Elder Scrolls Online's first king spills his secrets

There is plenty of this involved, too: standing around looking busy in front of your minions.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s centrepiece is its PvP, which makes a huge, open battleground of Oblivion’s Cyrodiil. And right in the middle of that, in the White Gold Tower in the nucleus of the Imperial City, sits an emperor thousands of other players have put there.

How does one do it? Become emperor? Not through poison, persuasion or gunpowder plot, says the Elder Scrolls Online’s first king.

“The best advice I can give to anyone who aspires to be emperor is to join a group or a guild.”

The key to becoming emperor is a bit like the key to enjoying The Elder Scrolls Online, it turns out: you’ve got to find a group you like playing with and who complement your abilities. That way, you’ll be able to score the most kills and garner the most Alliance Points. 

In terms of large-scale strategy, Morkulth encouraged other would-be emperors to rely on zerging - i.e. the proclivity of low-level players to band together in large groups to overwhelm the enemy. However, small groups can cause big distractions - and be very effective in disrupting pushes from enemy factions determined to halt your rise.

Other essential tools in Morkulth’s ascension included his “trusty” steed Moonbeam, and mara partner Grimalkin.

“Also, don’t lose hope just because you are behind on the leaderboard,” said Morkulth. “Grouping with like-minded players actually produces close to 70% more Alliance Points than following around a zerg. 

“On many of the weekend stress tests, [Morkulth’s guild] Entropy Rising has proven that in the course of three or four hours it is possible to get upwards of 400,000 Alliance Points by having a small group of coordinated individuals who are a cohesive battle unit,” he added.

There you have it, then. What are you waiting for?

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huldu avatarXerkics avatarFraser Brown avatar
huldu Avatar
3 Years ago

I think the real question they should have asked themselves developing this game, what makes a good mmo?

Xerkics Avatar
3 Years ago

Or what he really meant to say was that The key to becoming emperor was not having much of a life and gaming 24/7 in your moms basement. Gotcha. Emperorships and the like is for evil 12 year olds and unemployed losers with nothing better to do. Good luck getting anywhere while holding a 9-5 jobs and having a family guild or no guild.

Fraser Brown Avatar
3 Years ago

Little bit unfair. The last people who should be perpetuating the basement dwelling myth are other gamers. Especially when it's just because someone's dedicated some of their time to doing something pretty cool. I mean, he's the Emperor of Cyrodiil. That's rad.

He doesn't deserve your ire. But maybe you hate the monarchy. They are a bit silly.