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Skyrim gets Steam Trading Cards, and consequently so will you


Forget the universe – right now we have our own slow heat-deaths to worry about. Office fans are expensive, but a holiday in the tundra under the light of a cruel, cold sun is going cheap right now. We’re talking Skyrim’s brand new Legendary edition for less than the price of Nandos for two, as well as eight accompanying trading cards, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Like achievements, Steam trading cards are something you acquire as you play eligible games, whether you ask for them or not. Unlike achievements, you can swap them with other Steam users for cards or even cash.

Tangible rewards for collecting the Skyrim set include themed badges, emoticons, background images and the like. Non-tangible rewards include a temporary distraction along the long road to oblivion and a misplaced sense of pride.

The card system made no sense to Tim when he started playing with it back in May, but now he’s hooked, trading whatever the pale grey equivalent of Charizards are with the most dedicated of players. Have you found your way into this strange new world of digital cardboard yet?