This Skyrim mod brings the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Tamriel


Step a) Be an Argonian.

Step b) Fashion TMNT armour and TMNT mask at forge.

Step c) Become Michelangelo*

“TMNT’s symbolic shell, now in armor form.” That’s what Higeyosi’s TMNT Armor mod promises, and that’s what it delivers. The mod introduces a shell-armour and mask set to your game, creatable at any forge. You will need:

TMNT armour: 1x Dragon Bone, 1x Dragon Scales, 2x Leather Strips

TMNT mask: 1x Linen Wrap

Masks come in a variety of character-faithful colours, as well as a flattering “Mask of Zorro” / Henry Ford black.

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The armour falls under the Daedric category, but doesn’t require the appropriate smithing perk before forging.

Any questions?

Thanks go to the good folk of the Skyrim subreddit for this little morning-brightener.

*Pizza modded separately. Effectiveness of comic relief provided not guaranteed.