Skywind trailer proves this thing really is happening


Last month we picked up on an incredibly ambitious mod that intended to transform all the files from the original Morrorwind Elder Scrolls game into the Skyrim engine, updating the world and those classic quests with a circa-2011 shine. 

As incredible as it looked, at the back of your mind there was probably a little niggle. A voice of reason, talking from experience. “Nu-huh” it said. “It’ll be never heard of again. We’ve seen this over-ambition before. This is Black Mesa Source.” 

Hey, remember when Black Mesa Source actually came out? Looks like Skywind may have similar fortunes. 

Skywind’s latest build can be seen in this trailer, where we get a good look at not only some fairly complete-looking environments, but also some combat against some of Morrowinds best-known enemies. It actually looks pretty playable.

As with any mod of this size built by a team no bigger than your average rock band, Skywind will be done when it’s done. Until then, follow the progress on the Skywind forums. And if you’re an ambitious fellow yourself, you could help them out with a variety of tasks they’re looking for volunteer aid with.

Cheers, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.