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ZeniMax Online says sorry with five days of game time for The Elder Scrolls Online players

The Elder Scrolls Online extra game time

The Elder Scrolls Online has had a rocky start. Broken quests, a plethora of bugs, gold spammers and black market shenanigans, it’s a bit off-putting. “The Elder Scrolls Online is frustrating. It has moments of sheer class, but they’re consistently tainted by bugs,” said Nick in his Elder Scrolls review a couple of weeks ago. 

ZeniMax Online says it’s dealing with the problems and that far fewer players are complaining about bugs, though that might just be because a lot of players have fled. The developer wants to thank those that have put up with all this guff by offering five days of extra game time. 

“Fixing these problems required us to take the megaservers offline, costing players time in the game,” said ZeniMax Online. “In recognition of this experience and to show our gratitude to everyone who supported the launch, we are giving an additional five days of included game time to every ESO player who set up an active account prior to 8pm EDT Thursday May 1st and who are currently enjoying their 30 days of included game time.”

You should receive an email, sent to the address you registered with, if you are eligible for the five extra days. 

The Elder Scrolls Online’s first major update is also being tasked with fixing a lot of the problems as well as adding new content in the form of the Craglorn veteran adventure zone. Here’s what you can expect from it:

  • Craglorn, the first Adventure Zone, specifically created for groups of Veteran Rank 1 and above characters
  • Trials, which are 12-player “raid”-type instances for Veteran Rank characters, featuring completion time leaderboards
  • Death recap: you can now see who killed you and what ability they were using. This is invaluable information in dungeons, PvP, and Craglorn
  • Underdog bonuses in Cyrodiil—you’ll get more Alliance Points and XP while fighting for an alliance with a lower population in your campaign
  • Animation tweaks and polish
  • Combat ability balance changes and fixes
  • Class ability tweaks and updates
  • Content bug fixes, especially edge cases where quests could become de-synced

If you’ve given up because of bugs (or for other reasons) is the update and free game time tempting you back?

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nu1mlock avatarShriven avatarMrJinxed avatarKillerOfTheNice avatar
nu1mlock Avatar
3 Years ago

I bought ESO for me and a friend. We haven't played for weeks. Unfortunately the game's combat is extremely boring and the first person perspective is unbearable (which is the only way I want to play an ES game).

The game really tries (and succeeds) to make it a hassle to play with friends where there's a competition to gathering and quests aren't completed with friends - you just do the same quest at the same time, not together.

We both gave up on the game and that's $120 that could have been better spent on wiping my ass.

KillerOfTheNice Avatar
3 Years ago

I wished you tried the Beta first. I thought pretty much the same thing, just after playing for 3 hours. Waste of money from the start.

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

Hey, remember that $60 you paid for the game? Here is $2.90 off your next $14.99 sub because we fucked it up. We're cool now, right? ...please, dont remove your credit card details...please.

MrJinxed Avatar
3 Years ago

I'm frankly amazed they think this is good business practice. If you ask me, a full month would be in order. You have to think long term survival of the game, and giving 5 days free for the monumental fuckups they've had is not going to be remotely enough to tide people over, if you ask me.

Not only that, but 15 dollars sub fee for a game in this state, and lacking pretty much everything needed to sustain a healthy player base is mind boggling.