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Zenimax send in pest control to squish The Elder Scrolls Online’s progression halting bugs

Early word on dungeons is not good for The Elder Scrolls Online. Linearity and confusion abound.

Since The Elder Scrolls Online’s early access launch, our Nick’s only managed to join the dots between enough quest markers to reach level 12. That’s encouraging, because Nick’s become accustomed to blazing through MMOs in a week. But also depressing, because he was eventually halted by a bug in the main plot during his Elder Scrolls review.

Thankfully, Zenimax Online have just today squeezed out an update that’s nudged their sometimes bold, sometimes buggy debut a little further towards the former.

Two offending instances of blocked major quest progression have now been fixed. In the first, The Name of the Queen, crucial NPC Colanwe had been known to get stuck in the terrain. And in the second, Rites of the Queen, the monarch herself had been bringing her story to an unceremonious close by tripping endlessly into bits of scenery.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, I can see three more stuck NPCs, a stuck boss, stuck slaves, a stuck Fleshripper, and a stuck player. All now fixed, of course.

To be honest, it sounds like pathfinding’s the problem – but ESO players shouldn’t now have any trouble advancing down their fateful path with Michael Gambon and co.

PvP is where it’s at: not only the place where we’ve been having the most fun in our ongoing Elder Scrolls Online review,but where the smallest number of bugs reside. Only the “odd behaviour” of some siege weapons in Cyrodiil has been flagged by Zenimax.

Is there anything else worrisome you lot have picked up on since launch?

Thanks, CVG.