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Minecraft Console Edition developer working on new blocky game engine

The Elements Engine is the latest creation from Minecraft Console Edition developer 4J Studios and it looks like Minecraft but better.

Minecraft Console Edition developer working on new blocky game engine: A forested and snowy mountain made of blocks squats in front of a cloudy sky.

Sometimes it’s not enough to make your own game, sometimes you have to go a step further. That’s exactly what Minecraft Console Edition developer 4J Studios is doing with its new Elements Engine, a voxel-based tool it has created to facilitate the creation of its next game. While not exactly Minecraft 2, the comparison can’t be avoided as the engine’s blocky style very much brings Mojang’s juggernaut to mind.

There is no concrete information about what type of game 4J Studios is making in the Elements Engine just yet, though one could easily imagine a building game is in the works. The videos on the team’s YouTube channel show off how different tools can be applied to the engine, morphing terrain and plonking down buildings to create things quickly and with total control. The first thing the team has created when showing off the engine, for example, is a virtual version of the company’s hometown of Dundee, Scotland.

Probably the biggest clue to what’s coming for the Elements Engine is a recent hire by the studio. YouTuber and Minecraft devotee Joseph “Stampy Cat” Garrett is now working for the team, bringing years of virtual building experience with him. Obviously while this is entirely speculation, it does mean 4J Studios has a tool which is generating Minecraft-esque worlds and a team which includes a Minecraft superstar.

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We’ll have to wait a while to learn what’s truly coming for the Elements Engine and what 4J Studios has up its sleeves, but if you’d like to know more you can head over to the company’s Discord to get the latest updates.

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