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Elite: Dangerous with voice commands is cooler than a Sidewinder in silent running mode

Docking was implemented in a milestone update during the Elite: Dangerous alpha.

Third-party VOIP programs have been a part of PC gaming since before Leeroy went Jenkins - but rarely have they helped a game fulfil its fantasy in the way VoiceAttack has Elite: Dangerous.

Voice commands have allowed us to indulge in Rainbow Six’s tango-lingo in the past - but never to utter “go cold” and trigger our ship’s silent running mode.

VoiceAttack converts commands into keyboard and mouse presses, which makes it the perfect proxy space flight tool. Observe.

Ice cold.

The Elite alpha backer behind the video, Spriggs, says voices commands make a “helluva difference” when dogfighting.

“But it’s great for all the housekeeping stuff too,” he wrote, “like landing gear and power management. The ability to drop shields and switch your main drives on and off is a real boost when you're in the asteroid fields and want to remain unseen.”

Braben and team finished the last leg of alpha development last week - pushing the final of four releases out to a sub-tier of Kickstarter backers.

The Elite: Dangerous premium beta will go live tomorrow - opening this game of gas giants, hyperdrive jumps and docking stations up to a far wider audience.

Our Steve’s already in love with it. Maybe you are too?

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bryant avatarAcid Hoover avatarEmpyre avatarMctittles avatarJeul avatarJohn Hurley avatar
Acid Hoover Avatar
Acid Hoover(47 minutes played)
3 Years ago

Totally in love with it. Just not £100 in love with it.

bryant Avatar
bryant(2 days 15 hours played)
3 Years ago

Just bought the premium beta last night. Very very glad I did. I'll be getting this or something similar today. Cool stuff.

Empyre Avatar
3 Years ago

Looks cool. Not sure about that computer sounding like the Team Speak lady.

Jeul Avatar
Jeul(3 hours played)
3 Years ago

Team Speak Lady? Hahah... we call her "Mumblebot". Obviously, we use mumble instead of TS, but I thought it was funny that you guys have a name for her, too. :P

Mctittles Avatar
Mctittles(9 days 19 hours played)
3 Years ago

But where does the heat go when you are in silent running? Mass effect had a nice explanation for this with thermal storage across the ship because there is not enough atoms in space to transfer energy across.

John Hurley Avatar
2 Years ago

Love what you have done, now trying to replicate it and having issues. would it be possible to have you send and export of the commands you used with Voiceattack? Understand if you do not wish to but had to ask, thanks