The Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers beta 2 snapshot happens next week

"So if you wanted to grab a few more credits, you've got a week to do it!"

Following the announcement of the first Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers beta update changes last week, developer Frontier has now said the snapshot for the upcoming second beta test will be taken in one week’s time, on April 30. That means, if you want so scoop some more credits for when beta two kicks off, “you’ve got a week to do it!”

That’s according to a post on the space game’s forums in which the studio announces: “On April 30, we will be saving your game data to be used in the Fleet Carriers update – beta two. This means that whatever state your account is in, will be the state that we will use for Beta two. So if you wanted to grab a few more credits, you’ve got a week to do it!”

The dev reminds players the save snapshot it’ll take will be from the live Elite Dangerous game; data and progression from the first Fleet Carriers beta, which has now concluded, won’t carry over to the second. After all, as the post says, “what happens in beta, stays in beta”.

There’s no start date for the second Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers beta just yet, but Frontier says on Twitter it’ll be sharing details about it “in the coming weeks”, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for news if you’re keen to jump in when it rolls around.

The first batch of updates recently revealed by the dev, which are based on player feedback, include some major changes to various upkeep and running costs, as well as adjustments to other features, such as time between jumps and fuel effectiveness. Be sure to take a look at them here if you’re curious to see what’s in store.