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Frontier to release an Elite: Dangerous patch in May to squash bugs caused by Commanders

Elite Dangerous

Update April 21, 2017: As we reported in the story below, the launch of the Commanders update in Elite: Dangerous, adding multi-crews, a character creation tool, and more, also brought with it a host of problems. Frontier have vowed to fix those issues in a patch next month.

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On the Elite forums, Frontier said the patch will be deployed in “early May”. Here’s what will be fixed:

  • Galaxy map UI tag not pointing to selected target body
  • Packhounds having infinite ammunition
  • Multicrew bug fixes
  • Various Stability improvements across the board
  • Missing Galnet articles will be fixed
  • Large frame rate drop when friends log in to the game

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Original Story April 13, 2017: If you’ve been spending time fighting in faction wars since the Elite: Dangerous Commanders update went live, I have some bad news for you: that progress has just been wiped. Frontier were forced to roll the galaxy state’s sim data – faction battles, economy, etc – back to before 2.3 was deployed, thanks to bugs.

The bugs were noticed by players taking part in faction wars, with some reporting swings of over 100% in just eight hours, which didn’t seem normal. After seeing these reports, Frontier released a statement admitting the anomalies were caused by a bug introduced in 2.3.

Because 2.3 had a lengthy beta, some players aren’t happy about this, especially since they now know all their progress affecting the galaxy since the patch was all for nothing, what with the reset happening.

“We’ve had a number of reports of some significant errors with the background sim data since the 2.3 update went live,” said Frontier.

“The dev teams have been hard at work and believe they have a fix identified. However, this will involve rolling back BGS data to a pre 2.3 state. That means any efforts made tonight will not [affect] the simulation. We wanted to give you as much notice as possible so you can avoid any wasted efforts. As always, thank you for your bug reports and understanding Commanders.”

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