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Explore the Elite: Dangerous Thargoid crash site with this fan-made 3D model

Elite Dangerous thargoid ship

Update September 2, 2016: Proving that the Elite: Dangerous community is among the most dedicated gaming communities in existence, is Redditor booblian, who flew to the crash site and made a full digital reconstruction of it.

While no findings or revelations have come from booblian’s work so far, the images provide a much better look at the ship for players who can’t make the expedition themselves. The Reddit user outlined his process via Imgur: “I flew to the site of the crashed alien ship and shot some survey screenshots from the external camera of my python, The Civil Serpent. Using photogrammetry software I recreated the crash site as a textured 3D model that I could then look at from other angles and re-light interactively.”

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Hopefully with the whole Elite community now able to take a look at the image, some tasty details will begin to surface.

Original story:As spooky space rumours go, the Elite franchise’s Thargoids are among the best. An insectoid alien race who relentlessly hunt and kill across the known universe, the Thargoids aren’t exactly the kind of creatures you’d want to stumble upon while exploring the galaxy in Elite: Dangerous. In spite of this reputation, Elite players have been hunting and digging for clues about the Thargoids in Elite: Dangerous since the game was released, and it looks like they’ve finally found some concrete evidence.

Redditor HuttonOrbital posted the find today, with images of the ship and coordinates for its location. At first glance it looks like nondescript space debris, but upon closer inspection you can make out that the main piece of the ship has eight sides and very closely resembles the Thargoid ships that players encountered in Frontier: First Encounters. The large shard-like pieces of debris are yet to be identified, though they look like they would be used in either landing or atmospheric flight.

Of course without a big sign post next to it that explicitly labels it as a Thargoid ship, it’s impossible to say for certain what it could be, namely because Thargoids aren’t the only alien lifeform in the Elite universe. Let’s hope this discovery kicks off some more details on the still elusive Thargoids.