Elite: Dangerous – Horizons surface base assault filmed by David Braben in a buggy

Elite: Dangerous

David Braben has apparently discovered Fraps and is a big fan. The last couple of weeks has seen a flurry of footage straight from the Elite: Dangerous creator’s PC. He’s been playing Horizons – the space sim’s upcoming planetary landing expansion – and clearly having a tremendous time bouncing around in buggies.

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This latest clip spotted by @DynamixBoon is another “quick and dirty” grab from Frontier’s dev machines, showing one moon buggy coming to the rescue of another – not entirely successfully.

Buggy collision might sound like a glitch, but in this case it’s the inevitably consequence of letting two rogue SRVs slide around the perimeter of the same base. The feed cuts out before the two cars connect, and Braben blames the crash on somebody else, of course.

There’s also evidence of vehicular shields, hypersensitive physics and an awful lot of air-to-ground combat. What do make of what we’ve seen of Elite Horizons thus far?

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