Elite: Dangerous is out now, so get star trekking

Elite: Dangerous is out

Space cowboys, scruffy-looking nerf herders, pirates and totally legitimate traders are now gathering in space, because Elite: Dangerous has launched, and is now floating comfortably in space. 

Have you been exploring what’s up there? 

For once, I showed some restraint, and I managed to wait until last night before dipping my toes in. I wanted to wait until the game was ready. Thus far my adventures include the hauling of eight tons of scrap and a fight with a space station. I did not win.

It’s lovely, though. Jaw-droppingly massive and bewildering at first, but I’m just now getting into a rhythm, and I find the whole thing exceptionally relaxing. At least the parts where I’m not being shot out of the sky.

I’ve even been inspired to splash out on a flight stick.

What have you lovely lot been doing in space?