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Elite: Dangerous is putting on an in-game scavenger hunt for Nvidia Titan Blacks

Elite: Dangerous scavenger hunt

Elite: Dangerous is rife with trading opportunities. Mined ore, fuel, ship components, food, Nvidia graphics cards – they can all be bought and traded. That last one, though, it’s a new one. Frontier and Nvidia are hosting an in-game scavenger hunt and for five lucky pilots, a shiny new, GTX Titan Black will be at the end of it. 

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Here’s the deal: out there, in space, is a station selling Nvidia GeForce Titan Black prototypes in unlimited quantities. But they’re off no use to you, and you’ll need to shift them. Specifically, you’ll need to sell them in Godel Ring, Ededleen System.

The first five pilots to do this will be rewarded with a real Titan Black.

Each pilot can only claim one GPU until all five are gone, and you can do this by emailing [email protected] with your Commander name in the subject line with “I sold an Nvidia Titan Black”. If you win or not is dependent on how quickly you sell the prototype, not how quickly you email Frontier.

Here’s the in-game advert from GalNet:

“The NVIDIA labs, in association with Reynhardt IntelliSys, are pleased to announce that prototypes of the GeForce GTX Titan Black graphics card are now available for purchase from one exclusive outlet’. A masterpiece of engineering, the NVIDIA Geforce GTX Titan Black represents the cutting edge of display technology. It balances a sleek design with uncompromising performance and unparalleled processing power, making the Titan Black one of the most desirable display modules in the entire galaxy.

To celebrate the pre-release of the new module, NVIDIA are offering 5 lucky pilots the opportunity to win a commercial grade GTX Titan Black. Winning the competition couldn’t be simpler. The first 5 pilots to sell a canister of NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Black Prototypes back to NVIDIA HQ aboard Godel Ring will be rewarded with a commercial model as soon as they become available. The only problem is NVIDIA isn’t saying where the prototypes are being sold. Happy hunting Commanders.

Entrants must have transported the prototypes under the Pilots Federation rules of ‘open play’ to be eligible to win.”

The hunt is on right now, so good luck!