‘34T MY W4RP FUM35’ – Frontier to sell nameplates for Elite: Dangerous ships

Elite Dangerous

You’ll soon be able to name your ship in Elite: Dangerous, and if you fork over £2, you’ll also be able to spray that name all over its hull. Soon all your galactic rivals will know that they were blown to pieces by the vessel of death that is Mr Fluffy.

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Developers Frontier are adding the ability to name ships to version 2.3 of the game, which is now in beta. When you’ve done so, your ship’s name will appear in your HUD and in multicrew groups. Other players will also be able to see it when they scan or target you. Naming your ship costs you nothing.

If you want your ship’s name to appear on its in-game model, however, you’ll need to buy a nameplate. These come in themed packs that’ll cost £2, or $3 US. Each will contain three designs, and each design comes in three colours (black, white, and grey) for a total of nine plates per pack. Once you’ve bought a pack, you can use its contents freely across all your current and future ships, and you can rename each ship as often as you like.

The news comes via community manager Edward Lewis, after developers Frontier felt the need to clarify a few points following the announcement of the nameplates feature in a recent video Q&A.