Elite: Dangerous shows us more of Europa ahead of tomorrow’s Horizons beta


David Braben is a little tease isn’t he? It’s clear that he’s passionate about the upcoming Horizons add-on for Elite: Dangerous, as he keeps showing off rough footage of the planetary landings on his personal YouTube channel. 

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It’s kind of refreshing in a world where triple-A developers release a bunch of bullshots in the hope that nobody notices. Braben clearly believes that it’s enough for us to be excited about the concept, and that we’ll trust him that visuals and performance will catch up afterwards.

This latest video shows off a bit more planetary exploration on the moon of Europa. Apparently the textures aren’t quite finished, and the video has some frame rate issues, thanks to recording in Fraps, but there’s still enough there to get you excited about the prospect of interplanetary freedom.

Horizons is a very difficult thing to show off in video, too. Think about what you do when floating through space in vanilla Elite: Dangerous – lots of your time is spent slowly cruising between stations. To an observer, you’re doing nothing. In your head, you have a checklist of things you’re accomplishing and you’re constantly making tiny adjustments.

Like I said, it’s difficult to showcase, which is probably why the Elite: Dangerous launch trailer made it seem about ten million times more shooty than it actually is.

Anyway, see the sedate footage below: