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Elite’s biggest ever free update, The Engineers, arrives May 26

Elite Engineers

Elite’s getting bigger again, as entire universes tend to do. This time it’s 2.1, nicknamed The Engineers, arriving on May 26 along with a massive patch of fixes and features. The update’s main additions are a crafting and loot system, along with facilitating exploration by planting special vendors in secret locations around the galaxy - finding them (and paying for their services) gives a significant power upgrade.

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A beta has been running since May 5 for the changes, but it’s all being integrated into the main game on the newly announced release date of May 26. Here’s the highlights from the overwhelming change log:

  • Loot, crafting and engineers.
  • New commodities to support all three.
  • Materials for crafting spawn from everything you’d expect - blowing up enemies, scanning and exploring.
  • Lots of new effects on weapons, generatable through crafting.
  • Modules are also buyable from the various engineers.
  • Each also has his own base with new kinds of landing pads and hangars.
  • Unlocking them requires going through a series of tasks, at which point they become points on the galaxy map.
  • Loads of additions to surfaces, from graphics to places to visit.

That’s just a smattering of what is a humongous series of fixes and additions, as detailed on the Frontier Developments forum. Largest update, indeed.

Game’s £19.99 / $29.99 / €24.99 on Steam, if you’re interested, or £39.99 / €49.99 / $59.99 for the complete edition with major expansion Horizons and some other bits.

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Gradash avatarTrotar avatarMighty Gaz avatarstanscut avatar
Gradash Avatar
1 Year ago

Free? If you don't buy the Horizon you don't have access to this, it's not free.

Trotar Avatar
1 Year ago

Obviously you need the game to get the update, it's an update after all. And no, the update is not for Horizons only.

Mighty Gaz Avatar
1 Year ago

most of it is. i know this as i have horizons, and beta access, and know what's for people like me, and what those who don't have horizons will get.

the vast majority of it is expansion only. the patch for those who don't have horizons is not called engineers, it's called missions (1.6), as the updates to that system are the biggest bit they get.

stanscut Avatar
1 Year ago

So sad that this game goes the Season-Pass DLC way... I want to believe.