Frontier CEO apologises “wholeheartedly” for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launch

" I would like to apologise wholeheartedly to those who have been suffering from these problems"

Frontier boss David Braben has apologised to fans following Elite Dangerous Odyssey’s troubled launch. Since the big update last week, players have struggled with performance issues, server outages, and general bugs. We got a Odyssey hotfix recently, though Braben says that another should be along “very shortly”, and that the current problems are the team’s “top priority and focus”.

“Some of our players are reporting poor performance on machines where we would expect the performance to be good, and others are saying it is fine,” he explains in a blog post. “We are trying to get to the bottom of this. I have been playing on my old home machine from 2014, which has an Intel i7 Extreme CPU and a GTX 980 GPU, 16 Gb RAM, playing at 1080p full screen at Ultra.

“I was doing this so I could have a good feel for how the game was playing on older hardware, and I used this same machine during Alpha. I have also been playing on a high spec 2021 dev machine.”

Braben rounds off his post by promising fans the team will communicate more “openly and regularly” about how issues with the game are being addressed.

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“I would like to thank you all for your patience and support,” Braben says. “The Elite Dangerous community has always been at the heart of the game. We understand that there are a number of players who have had problems accessing and playing the game and I can assure you that we are focusing fully on improving this for those affected and communicating with you openly and regularly about how these issues are being addressed.”

Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey update lets players hop out of their ship and stretch their legs. You stumble across abandoned outposts, foes to combat, and familiar planets you can explore more intimately. You can check out the Steam reviews if you fancy seeing how, uh, fans took to it. Positive ones are starting to filter in again, though it was a tad more negative previously.

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