Smuggling booze in Elite: Dangerous is challenging, noble work

Elite: Dangerous smuggling

Elite: Dangerous is a game where people get excited about docking. And they should be, because docking with a space station is an involved, exciting process. It’s not as hard as it was back through the mists of time, when you’d never make it without a docking computer, but it still requires that you stay alert. 

Especially if you’re smuggling illicit goods. 

While Elite: Dangerous has yet to launch, the promising, emergent sandbox has already been well-documented during the alpha and beta phases. I already know that I’m probably not going to be as good a space ace, at any point, as some folk already are at this early stage.

Isinona knows how to smuggle. And it’s not just a matter of buying shady goods and transporting them. Not when station defences and space cops are just looking to blast black market traders into space dust.

With a cargo bay filled with pilfered booze, and a market waiting to snatch it up, Isinona has to get pretty clever to make a buck.

Moves so good, Han Solo would approve.

Cheers, RPS.