Former Battlefield devs reveal a new third-person shooter

Patrick Söderlund has given fans an update on what to expect from Embark Studios later next year

Embark Studios, the Stockholm-based game studio led by the former DICE CEO Patrick Söderlund, has given fans a glimpse into its development process. The studio revealed its first game, a free-to-play action game taking place in a distant future, back in early 2019 but have been quiet ever since.

Days after celebrating the studio’s second birthday, Söderlund took to Medium to let fans know what the team has been up to. Embark has grown substantially over the past year, almost doubling its team size to just under 200 people. Addressing the elephant in the room (multiple job listings for developers with FPS games experience), Söderlund announced a brand new team-based PVP shooter. Embark has been working on this second project alongside the free-to-play game.

The free-to-play action game – which has yet to be named – has reached the production stage. Embark has shown off the first in-game captures from the latest build. We now know this as-yet untitled project is being made in Epic’s Unreal Engine, and it’s looking very pretty at the moment. There aren’t many free-to-play games that look this good in motion, so it’s a pretty exciting prospect.

Embark is in the process of showing it’s first game off to people outside of the studio to “gather feedback and insights”. We also have an update on the studio’s game creation platform. Embark says it’s been focused on “laying the groundwork for our engine and platform”, but isn’t planning on showing anything off until next year.

With new job listings being posted every few months, it looks like we may hear more from Embark sooner rather than later. If you want to get your hands on a great free-to-play third-person shooter right now, check out our list of the best free PC games.