One gaming cafe chain is giving players an ‘emergency burrito button’

The greatest gaming invention in years

I’m an advocate for healthy gaming – you need to stay fed and hydrated while you game, take occasional breaks, and get a little sun now and then. But sometimes, you just can’t take a break from your session, especially when you’re gaming competitively. That’s why one UK gaming cafe chain has taken the logical next step: an emergency burrito button.

Belong Gaming Arena in Bristol city centre will have a comically oversized button installed as of September 23. Once pushed, you’ll get a free burrito – meat and vegetarian options available – courtesy of delivery service Deliveroo. The logistics are at this point unclear – are the burritos onsite? Is some poor delivery person running down the street every time somebody hits the button? How many times can you press the button in a day?

In practical terms, Belong is just catering its own event – it has a tournament series kicking off the same day, and who says no to free food? – but cross-promotion is the source of most great gaming food crossovers.

How long before other game purveyors start implementing similar services? I guess that depends on the state of burrito inflation over the next few years.

Remember when Everquest had that /pizza command? The more things change, the more they stay the same.