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Empire of Sin makes STDs a game mechanic - “there were brothels and consequences”

Now those are some choices with consequences

Romero Games’ Empire of Sin already puts a fascinating twist on strategic gameplay purely by virtue of its setting, but the prohibition-era mobsters are more than just set dressing. Back at E3, we learned how your criminal empire’s resources depend on alcohol – and that’s not the only way vices contribute to Empire of Sin gameplay.

Your gang members will develop traits both during combat and in their normal lives, and the game tracks some of their most personal details. They can find romantic partners, or break up. If they hang out around brothels, they might get STDs, which can spread to their partners – or much further if that formerly monogamous relationship doesn’t work out.

“I’m not proud of it,” game director Brenda Romero says (via PC Gamer, issue 336), “but there were brothels and there were consequences.” Traits like this will change how effective your criminals are in fights and around the city, and the interpersonal drama could leave weaknesses for other gangs or law enforcement to exploit.

Or that gang member could just become a serial killer. Useful in its own way, I suppose.

Empire of Sin is due to bring your mobster dreams to life in spring 2020.