End of Nations beta signups open, starts on the 20th of July


End of Nations is a game where there are many tiny men, and they die all the tiny deaths. There are so many tiny men, in fact, that it is essentially an MMO, with games feeding into a great big grand strategy map, and your battles taking place among larger, more impressive battles. They boast having fifty six players on a single map, all competing for linked objectives like one player knocking out the power grid that is powering the shields that another player needs down so that they can advance. It’s exciting stuff. And the beta is imminent.

You can sign up for it immediately, with the actual beta going live on the 20th of July, in just over two weeks. A lot of the team working on End of Nations are Command and Conquer developers, and it’s got that same bombast and colour to it. There’ll be persistent unlocks, and the game is going to be free to play, but, the developers insist, not pay to win. Which is good, because pay to win is bloody awful.
End of Nations is aiming to be released sometime this year, which seems about right if it’s about to go into beta.