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Endless Legend is getting a new expansion called ‘Shifters’

Endless Legend

A new expansion is coming for 4X strategy game Endless Legend, and it’s a one-key typo away from being called Shitters. 

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This expansion will include a new Major Faction called The Allayi, a race that will be able to ‘shift’ during long winters, whatever that means.

All factions will also be able to collect a new resource called the ‘Pearls of Auriga’, allowing them to unlock new powers through the ‘Altar of Auriga’ and modify the upcoming winter’s impact. Clearly the cold will play a big part in the expansion.

This announcement came via a livestream celebration of Amplitude’s fifth birthday, some of which you can watch below:

Watch live video from AmplitudeStudios on www.twitch.tv

To top it off, if you start a new game of Endless Legend, Dungeons of the Endless, and Endless Space – with mods disabled, and before January 25 – you will bag yourself a new character for each. Best get a shift on, though, eh?

See the full details here.

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