Endless Legend giveaway! Win one of 50 copies of the Tempest expansion!

Endless Legend: Tempest

In Endless Legend, the seas were a vast, sombre, and frankly monsterless experience. The introduction of Tempest, the new expansion for the 4x fantasy game, brings a whole slew of areas to colonise, and a multitude of new issues that stand in your way. For a start, you’ll soon realise that you are no longer alone in the ocean, with Lovecraftian monsters lurking in the depths, and pirates into control of floating sea fortresses who just loathe diplomacy. With the addition of thunderous storms and the new Morgawr faction, an alien race capable of manipulating neutral factions, it is definitely unwise to set sail unprepared.

We’ve got 50 copies of this seafaring fantasy to give away, and all you need to do for a chance to win is enter via our widget below. We’ll also need your email, but not for anything fishy – we just need a way to contact you should you win a key!

If so, you’ll be given a code to redeem on Steam. Just click the ‘Add A Game’ button at the bottom of the Steam client window, and ‘Activate a Product on Steam’. Follow the instructions, download the game, and get playing!

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Endless Legend: Tempest Expansion giveaway