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Endless Legend trailer marks launch and addition of the horrifying Cultists of the Eternal End

endless legend trailer launch amplitude

Unlike other strategy games where the different armies are largely similar but with a different skinjob and a few unique units, Endless Legend’s armies are fundamentally different at the core. The final army to be added to the Early Access turn-based strategy game is like no other. The Cultists of the Eternal End want one thing: to see their world destroyed. They don’t want to capture territories, they don’t want to increase the resources they can gain from their land, they can’t even build new cities.

With the release of Endless Legend we get an army that plays like no other.

The Cultists are abominations, failed experiments by the Endless, the ancient race that ruled their world, Auriga. They follow a queen created in a lab experiment and who is trapped in a malformed body. She formed her cult to wipe all trace of the Endless from the planet.

However, she doesn’t want to create more abominations to reach her task so you’re unable to propagate. Instead, you have a single temple city at the start of the game and must capture nearby minor faction villages. Those villages then make offerings of resources to your temple and begin spilling out troops to attack other villages – spreading the word of the cult.

You can see them at work in this faction trailer:

They were the last addition to Endless Legend before launch, so the game is finally out of Early Access. And with that there’s a new trailer:

Here are the full release notes of Endless Legend version 1.0:


  • Added the Cultists of the Eternal End faction

  • Enabled the customization of factions

  • Added the Nydia Minor faction

  • Added the Mezari faction (reskin of the Vaulters – Dungeon of the Endless Founder Pack owners)

  • Added the Ice Wargs Minor faction (Endless Legend Founder pack owners)

  • Added the Researcher Namkang (new hero – Endless Legend Founder pack owners)

  • Added the Auto-Explore and Sleep Army actions

  • Added Steam achievements and Trading Cards.

  • Added 2D cursor. Behaviour:

    • Grey => nothing special

    • Blue => a selection is possible

    • Red => only an offensive interaction is possible

    • Green => any other interaction is possible

  • Changed Heroes’ starting abilities

  • Slightly increased Watchtower cost (from 125 to 160)

  • Updated units stats (now defence and attack are within the same range)

  • Updated unit costs

  • Updated the life siphon capacity

  • Improved the Broken Lords Infantry and the Ardent Mages Battle Mage

  • Increased the costs of Drakken’s force peace and alliance

  • Nerfed the Ceratan

  • Balanced Cultists number conversion costs and converted village upkeep

  • Changing several times a diplomatic status will now have a significant impact on diplomatic costs

  • A besieged city cannot be traded

  • Increased the costs for technology exchanges

  • Fade out the audio properly during loading, and restore it properly at the end of loading

  • Removed end turn SFX on the button

  • The player is now redirected to the main menu after an error occurred while joining a lobby

  • Minor factions can now attack cities starting turn 100th, besiege them starting turn 50th and attack converted villages starting turn 15th

  • The AI can now research the military technology from era 6th.

  • Improved the assimilation heuristic: now it assimilates the greatest strength belief instead of just the first minor faction

  • Roving Clans uses Privateers for their war now

  • AI armies are never idle now, if there’s no more patrol missions we will assign several armies for the same missions

  • Bank accounts are used to compute the Dust exchange appreciation

  • Added Polish and Russian localizations


  • Fixed several issues where the game crashes when exiting to desktop

  • Fixed an issue where the game remains in front of other programs when alt-tabbed

  • Fixed an issue where the game doesn’t start on the primary monitor

  • Fixed an issue where the assimilation AI layer tries to assimilate an already assimilated minor faction

  • Fixed an issue where minor factions do not conquest cities

  • Fixed an issue where the AI does not make enough extension

  • Fixed an issue where the AI Empires have a very low priority for building Extractors

  • Fixed an issue where the AI doesn’t react to player sneak attacks on capitals

  • Fixed an issue where, when making extension, the AI does not try to level up districts

  • Fixed an issue where tropical mountain forest is wrongly linked to tropical rock forest

  • Fixed an issue with the Bark Skin capacity

  • Fixed an issue where the master volume is reset each turn

  • Fixed an issue where units do not auto split from armies when the destination is not adjacent

  • Fixed an issue where the militia will never have more action point after a first battle

  • Fixed an issue where the siege action could not be started when the district is an extension/centre and located over a cliff

  • Fixed several issues with unique items

  • Fixed an issue where a desync occurs when building a district in the area of a pillar

  • Fixed an issue where a desync occurs with clients using different languages

  • Fixed an issue when going back to the lobby after a desync. Sometimes a client would reload the game as if he was ready

  • Fixed an issue where the player is no longer considered as an AI if they were not ready when the game started

  • Fixed several issues with the display of the Upkeep

  • Fixed several issues with the buttons and layout for the Big Screen UI

  • Fixed an issue where the armies spawned in the Ardent Mages chapter 7 do not attack the correct city if the user reaches chapter 7 and then loads a game which was saved before completing chapter 6

  • Fixed an issue where battle effects are visible through the fog of war in multiplayer sessions


  • Conversion trait has unwanted consequences when used for custom factions (especially, if you choose to be able to have more than 1 city).

  • Some issues can be encountered with the Urces walk animation.