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From myth to reality: Endless Legend launches on September 18th

Endless Legend

I sacrificed a lot of animals – and by animals I do mean adorable babies – in an effort to bribe the powers that be into providing us with more fantasy 4X games. It all worked out, of course. This year saw the excellent Warlock II and Age of Wonders III swallow up countless hours of my life. And now we’ve got Endless Legend on the horizon. 

Rob took a look at Endless Legend at GDC a while back and ended up being rather impressed with how Amplitude combined the pace and presentation of Endless Space with new, imaginative ideas. It’s been doing a stint in Early Access, but is on its way out the door. You’ll be able to get your hands on it on September 18th. 

On September 18th, you’ll be able to grab Endless Legend on Steam, but if you hold out for another day, you can snatch up the boxed release along with an art book, if that’s your thing.

The OST is already available, and totally free. You can listen to it and download it from Bandcamp.

And in the mean time, Endless Legend is still on Steam Early Access if you simply can’t wait for a week.