New Endless Legend expansion, Tempest, adds naval warfare

Endless Legend Tempest

There’s even more Endless Legend on the way. Amplitude Studios, currently in the middle of developing Endless Space 2, have announced their planet-based 4X will be getting bigger too. It’s adding boats and all their associated conquering, from sea forts to ocean weather.

Endless Legend features in our list of the very best strategy games.

Here’s what’s in store in the expansion:

  • Naval battles, with new units that can cross ocean tiles. These also have new mechanics and tile effects.
  • This includes Sea Fortresses and a new minor faction to deal with.
  • New “arcane structures” with powerful guardians to defeat/convince to let you use their homes. These give resources, luxuries and other bonuses and mean clouds, rains and storms will start showing up.
  • The Morgawr, a new major faction that specializes in the new systems and can “manipulate” other factions.

There’s no trailer as of yet, or a release date. However, if you want to play before anyone else, there’s a closed beta running next month.

To get in you have to send an email to playtest [at] with a batch of information about you and your computer before September 1. Full details are in the announcement post – they’re looking for 20 folks to help them make Tempest great. There’s also some more screenshots there.