We’ve got Endless Legend Steam codes that need good homes

Endless Legend competition

Update: The contest is over and the winners should look in their inboxes. Enjoy!

Endless Legend is great – it’s one of the best strategy games to have popped into existence this year, blending the tenets of the 4X genre with a brilliant science fiction-fantasy narrative. In lieu of reading me gushing about it here, you can just go and read my Endless Legend review.

It’s a game you should play, and conveniently, we’ve got a few Steam codes for it knocking about the virtual PCGN office, and we want some of you lovely lot to have them. 

You’re going to have to prove your worth, though. We can’t have any old person just taking the reins of a fledgling empire – who knows what would happen? People starving to death, buildings falling down, the End Times, it wouldn’t be good.

We would ask for a CV, but who has the time to read through something as boring as that? So instead, we want you to tell us why you’d make a worthy leader. Consider it a campaign speech. We’re the voters, and you need to sell us on your regime.

So have at it. I’ll have a read through on Monday, 4pm GMT, and choose the winners. Good luck, would be emperors and empresses.