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Join up with the United Empire as Endless Space 2 gets its first major content update

Endless Space 2 United Empire

Good news for fans for 4X games, as Amplitude Studios’ first major update for Endless Space 2 goes live today. The main addition to this update is the United Empire, an economics-based faction that rules through the generation and usage of influence. Imagine Starship Troopers crossed with Soviet Russia and you get the basic idea of what this galactic civilization is like. Two minor factions from the original Endless Space, the Amoeba and Pilgrims are returning as well, alongside a brand new faction called the Z’Vali.

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This update brings with it a host of gameplay changes too, concerning faction management and trade. Players can now assimilate minor factions into their growing space empire, buy heroes and resources for Dust at the Marketplace and gain special bonuses for fulfilling certain tasks. The game’s turn list has increased from 100 to 200 turns and an extra Era has been added onto the tech tree, giving you access to extra buildings, units and research paths.

Listening to calls from the community, Amplitude Studios has also changed the truce and weapons systems based on player feedback. Truces are now based on civil unrest, rather than simply being forced at certain points and weapon restrictions have been lifted on all hull types. Any hull can equip any weapon so enjoy building the perfect fleet of flying death machines to subjugate your enemies.

You can see a new trailer for the United Empire above and Endless Space 2 is currently available on Steam Early Access, in either Standard or Digital Deluxe Edition.