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Endless Space and all its DLC is currently on sale for $1

There’s a hell of a deal on Steam for Endless Space right now. It’s 96% off, which means you can pick up the sci-fi 4X game for $1. 

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Not only that, but you can also grab the DLC, Endless Space - Disharmony, for $1, too. That's for people who own the base game already, as Disharmony actually bundles in the main game too. 

Endless Space is a 4X game with the complexity of Civilization, set among the stars. 

Disharmony is essentially a big old update for the base game, adding a new faction, The Harmony, plus additional fighters, bombers, battle formations, enhanced invasion mechanics, and an all-new targeting system. 

On top of all that, the DLC adds a host of improvements to AI opponents with the ‘Adaptive Multi-Agent System’.

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et operiet ipsos formido avatarKirk McKeand avatar
et operiet ipsos formido Avatar

Ah I would point out, it seems the "Collection" package that bundles both the base game and Disharmony is actually just $1.

You can buy the DLC separately for $1 if you already own the base game, but if you don't, you can get both for a total of $1.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
1 Year ago

Oh nice! It threw me because it said "requires the base game to play" on Steam. Have updated now, thanks!