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If you’re sad about Frostpunk 2, its nearest rival is just $5

Frostpunk 2, one of the most anticipated new strategy games of the year, is delayed, but its city building rival is now cheaper than ever.

Endzone Steam strategy game: A small town from Steam strategy game Endzone

With other strategy games, like Manor Lords and the upcoming Civilization 7, it’s all about the grand vision. But I’m a hard times kind of person. Civ wants me to save the economy and build world wonders, and I’m at a loss. But when it comes to tough decisions – sacrificing half the fuel budget so we can build a medical tent, or cutting food rations to prepare for winter – that’s where I shine. It’s a shame Frostpunk 2 is delayed. But with a dash of Cities Skylines 2 and a hit of classic Fallout, its closest, overlooked rival is now available for cheaper than ever.

Endzone: A World Apart is a post-apocalyptic, survival-based city-building game where your role – like in Frostpunk – is to protect and carefully nurture the final remnants of humanity. Like Fallout, for the last 150 years everyone has been living underground. Returning to the surface, they’re assailed by radiation storms and toxic rain – but the settlement must survive. There are more than 70 different buildings, dozens of resources, and a huge variety of scenarios and side missions, whereby you explore the ruins of the old world in an eager attempt to find lost treasure.

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Your main opponent is the environment. Droughts, dust storms, blackrain, and humidity batter your towns and villages, and the atmosphere changes dynamically as you play. Every single map cell in Endzone has its own meteorological values, so you need to carefully choose where to build your infant civilization and be prepared to make tough choices if the atmosphere turns against you.

Combined with a seriously gorgeous quasi-steampunk aesthetic, and the fact that a sequel, Endzone 2, is shortly on its way, this is a strategy game that’s well worth your time. Right now, as part of the summer Steam sale, Endzone is cheaper than it’s ever been, available at a huge 85% discount for $4.49 / £3.89. If you want to give it a try, head here.

Otherwise, check out the latest on the Frostpunk 2 release date, or maybe try some of the best grand strategy games ever made.

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