Sign up to innovative WWII shooter Enlisted and get free troops, guns, and premium

Enlisted is a multiplayer shooter set in World War Two, and at its core is a clever, innovative idea that just might revolutionise the genre. If you’d like to get involved, this special offer in partnership with developer Gaijin Entertainment can get you off to a great start.

Simply sign up at the website via this promo link – it’s 100% free – and your shiny new account will come loaded with a haul of in-game treasures. These include two Silver Troop Orders (which buy new soldiers), and four Silver Equipment Orders (new guns). You’ll also get three days of premium account membership for free, which means faster leveling of your troops. The offer also – currently – has no expiry date, so if you’re reading this in the year 3000, go ahead and sign up. And watch out for the radioactive bear-sloths.

If you’re not sure what differentiates Enlisted from the many WWII shooters out there, let us break it down. You are the commander of an infantry squad, composed of soldiers with specialised roles. You can give orders to AI teammates, but you can also swap bodies with them at any time. Fancy calling down an artillery bombardment on an enemy trench? Swap into your radio operator. Does that guy with the flamethrower look like he’s having more fun than you? Take over and light ’em up. In Enlisted you can always go wherever the action is, and you can use any of the toys your squad has brought with them.

Rather than dying and respawning as an individual, your squad only respawns once it has lost every soldier. This encourages you to work as a unit, covering each other and bringing the correct specialists for each engagement in order to stay alive and maintain your strength. But if you do die, you needn’t worry about waiting ages to respawn – you can simply jump into another soldier.

Play for Free

Sound good? Sign up for a free account here to get your free Silver Orders and launch into the next big WWII shooter with gusto.

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