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Watch us play the first hour of Enter the Gungeon

Enter the gungeon gameplay

Enter the Gungeon: what more could you possibly expect from a game with that title than bullet-shaped enemies, a dizzying array of firearms and enough gun-related puns to fuel the next Expendables film? The indie dungeon crawler is out April 5th, but we know you don’t like to wait. So, provided you’re all subbed up to our glorious YouTube channel – and if you’re not, that’s apparently ok too – here’s the first hour of Enter the Gungeon.

Dodge Roll’s run-and-gun twist on the classic dungeon crawler is a frantic and relentlessly challenging shooter. Guns are the name of the game, and compiling an arsenal of the best of them – from t-shirt cannons to sawn-off shotguns – is your best chance of survival, that and having the agility and reaction times of an espresso-sipping hummingbird.

A blend of procedurally-generated rooms and Dark Souls-difficult boss fights means getting far in Enter the Gungeon will require a lot practice. Fortunately, the pace of the gameplay and the never-ending hunt for new guns make sinking a lot of time into this game all too easy, and the tightness of the controls mean failure always feels fair. So far, so good from Dodge Roll.

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