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Epic begin streaming free Unreal Engine tutorial series


If you’ve ever wanted to get to grips with the engine which is at the heart of some of each year’s biggest releases, the Unreal Engine, you may have been put off by the daunting size of the thing. It’s a hugely powerful piece of software and it can be used to develop games in all genres, scaling from small indie games to vast AAA blockbusters.

Well, Epic have got your back, they’ve started broadcasting in-depth tutorials that cover some of the engine’s more complex features.

The first of them looks at level streaming; technology which allows you to break a large environment into smaller chunks and travel between them seamlessly.

I’ve not had a chance to watch the full thing yet but I used to watch tutor Zak Parrish’s videos on 3DBuzz and they were excellent. If it’s up to scratch with his old videos this’ll likely be the best way to learn your way about the engine.

Epic plan on releasing more lessons in the future but they’ve not yet published a schedule.

You can keep up with series over on Epic’s Twitch channel.