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Epic Games buy Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly


If a masked games industry obsessive – wearing a garment made of trade-mags – pulled me into an alley and threatened to bludgeon me both physically and verbally with a copy of his unpublished biographical tome on Bobby Kotick if I didn’t tell him whether Epic Games wholly owned People Can Fly or not, I’d have said that they did. And bludgeoned I would be – only this week have the Bulletstorm devs become the property of Cliffski and co.

Epic have had a majority share in People Can Fly since 2007, but have just now finished eating the company entirely.

Unconsumed are key PCF personnel creative director Adrian Chmielarz, Andrzej Poznanski, and Michal Kosieradzki, who left the company last week, though the trio’s departure was reportedly “amiable”.

“We will be helping [Chmielarz] with some future announcements,” Epic’s Mark Rein told Polygon. “Our paths will be crossing again.”

People Can Fly are currently custodians of the Gears of War series, while Epic move on to more colourful, PC-exclusive fare.