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The Epic Games store has some new features and slimmer patch sizes

A few new updates have made their way onto the Epic store this month, with more on the way

Epic may have pulled the dates off its Trello development board for its digital storefront, but that doesn’t mean the company has stopped pushing forward. The Epic Games Store has a few new features, which are highlighted in a recent update.

First off, there are now new ways to view your library in the launcher. Your library is now searchable and can be viewed as a list, sorted either alphabetically or by last played. You can also opt to only show games you have installed, which could come in particularly handy if you’ve been taking advantage of the free games Epic has been handing out every couple weeks since December last year.

Another nice addition is improved patch sizes – or in other words, smaller patches. If you’re a Fortnite player, you’re probably used to getting sizable patches pretty frequently, and cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend downloading updates is welcome, particularly for players who don’t have access to particularly high-speed internet. Epic says this is being accomplished by providing new optimization tools for its partners, and by using those tools itself, Epic was able to reduce the size of a large Fortnite seasonal patch from 6.79 GB to 2.03 GB.

Now, clicking the gear icon for Settings under a game tile will show you your playtime with that game, which is another newly launched feature for the store. Epic has also added Traditional Chinese to its list of supported languages.

In the store itself, changes include new support for bundles – basically, paying one price and adding multiple games to your library. You may have already seen this feature in action if you picked up either of the two free Batman bundles Epic had on offer earlier this month.

The store now accepts Turkey GPay as a payment method, which will allow players in Turkey to make purchases from the store.

Epic also highlights a few upcoming features it expects to roll out in the near future. The storefront is getting a visual overhaul, and it’s working on an in-game overlay that will allow players to use library and social functions while in-game. Epic also is working on adding Thai languages support to the store, and on adding 3D Secure, which will bring it into compliance with new European regulations on Strong Customer Authentication.