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Epic Games VP: Next gen consoles being ahead of PC is bullshit


You may not be aware that EA’s chief technical officer Rajat Teneja said something quite crazy a few days ago. He claimed that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were “a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market.” Thankfully stepping up to the podium in the PC corner is Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein, who simply retorts “bullshit”.

Rein put forward his view on Twitter, where he maintained his argument during the debate that followed. “[it] isn’t even close to true, it’s miles away from true.” He explained. “It is simply BS.”

If we were to put any bets on this, we’d say the opinion of the VP of one of the industry’s most high-profile graphics engine companies probably has more than a little clue on what the innards of these new consoles are capable of.