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Epic’s Mark Rein announces Unreal Tournament comeback

Epic Unreal Tournament

Epic’s lack of releases since Gears of War’s given the impression they were moving away from game development to focus on tinkering with the Unreal Engine. A tweet from Mark Rein shows that’s far from the truth, Epic have been working on a new game in the company’s most famous series: Unreal Tournament.

Rein slammed the hype generators from zero to full power with a single tweet:

Frustratingly, the tweet gives no tangible details. We don’t know whether this will be Unreal Tournament 4 or 2015.

We have to wait till Tuesday to find out further details:

The original Unreal Tournament is still, for my money, one of the best multiplayer shooters ever created. Colour me excited to see what Epic have created in the seven years since Unreal Tournament 3.