Epic has finally freed us – the Epic Games Store shopping cart is here

The shopping cart has arrived, so you can finally return to your other complaints about the Epic Games Store

A promo image for the Epic Games Store shopping cart

Since its launch alongside The Game Awards in 2018, the Epic Games Store has not had a shopping cart. Every single bit of news about the store is always met with comments about the store’s lack of a cart, and yes, it’s a bit absurd that the functionality has been missing all this time. But finally, we’re free. The shopping cart is here.

Yes, Epic has deployed the cart at the store’s third anniversary. You can head over to the Epic Games Store to check it out for yourself. You can click ‘add to cart’, and games will be added to the cart. You can then purchase those games in a single transaction. You can even add DLC to the cart. And get this – you’ll be shown the total cost of the transaction in your local currency before clicking purchase. Wow! What new technology will digital store owners think of next?

I still don’t entirely understand why it took this long to get a shopping cart or why it became the symbol of annoyance about the Epic Store, but hey, we’re finally done.

Check out the shopping cart launch trailer below.

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Enjoy collecting those free PC games in bulk.