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Epic want to help you get started in UE4. They will provide tea and biscuits


Thinking of building a game in the newly announced, and newly cheap to get started Unreal Engine 4? 

Epic want to help. To that end, they’re hosting a hands on getting started clinic for “ground floor” developers who can make it to the UK on Thursday 17th April at Staffordshire University. 

During the half-day sessions “Epic’s engineering, design and support team members will provide insight into the latest tools and technologies, as well as a look into the future of UE4.” Registration is absolutely free and open to those with an active UE4 subscription. We have it on exceptional authority that the organisers will be providing both tea AND biscuits to attendees.

Unreal Engine 4 is the latest version of Epic’s game development technology. Epic’s novel licensing system means developers can get started with the full of tools and technology for $19/month, plus 5% of any gross revenue from sales to users. The first game Epic will create using the engine will be Fortnite, their zombie survival building hybrd which is now open for alpha signups.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite on a first-come, first served basis.