Epic’s hosting an Unreal Engine game jam this weekend, so get tinkering

Unreal Engine 4 game jam

Out of all the jams, game jams are my favourite, next to strawberry jam, of course. But at least game jams don’t have those little seeds that get stuck between your teeth. Though you can get seedless jam. Okay, let’s call it a tie and get move on to more important and relevant things: an Unreal Engine 4 jam is kicking off this weekend, and the top three entries will get a free one month subscription. Since $20 isn’t a lot, it’s mostly for fun. 

All the entries will need to be built around a specific theme, but Epic’s keeping that a secret until the 23rd, where it will be revealed on Twitch.

After that, developers will need to put together their game and submit a download link to this thread in the Unreal Engine forums by midnight on the 26th.

The games will be judged by a panel at Epic, and they will be pit against each other in gladiatorial combat, with only the strongest, most skilled warrior winning the coveted prize of a subscription to the engine.

Each combatant will be required to use these weapons to win:

  • Unique use of theme
  • Fun factor
  • Overall Visuals

This is also how Alan Sugar chooses the winner of The Apprentice.