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One of the best gaming keyboard makers steps up to fight climate change

10% of every ErgoDoz EZ keyboard sale will go to the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and the Protect an Acre program

ErgoDox EZ

If you’re thinking of purchasing the ErgoDox EZ, now’s the time to do it. Until October 31, 2019, 10% of every ErgoDox EZ keyboard sale will go to the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and the Protect an Acre program to fight climate change and raise awareness.

The pledge was announced by ZSA Technology Labs founder Erez Zuckerman last Friday, part of the company’s action during the global climate strike. The day saw thousands of protesters worldwide gather to spurn action to protect our planet, and there are further strikes planned for later this month.

If you bought an ErgoDox today for the base price of $335 for the standard design with wrist rest and tilt/tent kit, $32.50 of your money spent would go straight to the Rainforest Action Network. No funny business or skimming off profits here – 10% of the company’s gross revenue will go help the world become a better place. RAN’s Protest-an-Acre program funds indigenous citizens of the Earth’s most valuable ecosystems to help protect rainforests and their treasured inhabitants from deforestation.

“10% of our gross ErgoDox EZ revenue is a significant number for us,” Zuckerman says in a blog post. “In the hardware business, margins are notoriously slim. And yet, I feel that we must do this right now. This is a time for action, even if it’s uncomfortable.

“We’ve done a lot of research seeking out a worthy organization to support. The Rainforest Action Network is remarkably transparent and effective, empowering native communities where it matters most. Their work is inspiring – please consider supporting them in other ways as well.”

It’s especially important that large business created thousands of products take responsibility to counter the impact their manufacturing has on the world – far beyond even the most progressive green policies in place today. We’d love to see other major hardware manufacturers pledge just as much as ZSA – 10% of Nvidia’s $2.58bn, AMD’s $1.53bn, or Intel’s $16.5bn last quarter could sure save a lot of rainforest.

If you didn’t know from our ErgoDox EZ Shine review, the small company produces mechanical keyboards built upon the hand-friendly and publicly-available ErgoDox design. The design is remarkably comfortable, and there’s a heap of features recognisable to the gaming keyboard elite. Such as: mechanical key switches of every variety, optional RGB backlighting, and a fully-customisable layout.

So if you’re willing to give ergo a try and configure your own ideal gaming setup, now’s the time to take the plunge. Not only will your wrists be thankful in 20 years time, but the planet and all the cute little critters that inhabit it will be, too.