Escape Dead Island is the spin-off nobody saw coming: a stealth-driven survival mystery

Escape Dead Island: a third-person stealth game, apparently.

Whoever thought Dead Island would get so franchisey? Techland’s ambitious but flaky first-person Diablo has become a multi-limbed monster. There’s the servicable expandalone in Dead Island: Riptide; the unasked-for MOBA in Dead Island: Epidemic; the outsourced sequel in Yager’s Dead Island 2; and now the obligatory comic-vignette psychological stealth thriller in Escape Dead Island.

Er, hang on.

I can’t tell you what genre Escape Dead Island will belong to or what its chief influences are. But I do know it’s a third-person, single player game written by Emmy award winning The Witcher scribe Anne Toole, and will involve some “cunning stealth”.

As Cliff Calo, son of a media mogul and every bit as grounded and lovely as that would suggest, we’ll uncover the source of the series’ virus. We’ll travel back to Banoi, the dead island of the title, and fight zombies and our own psyche against a “comic-vignette” backdrop.

It all sounds terribly unlikely, but it’s real and due out in the Autumn on PC.

What sort of game would you like Escape Dead Island to be? Let the meta-mystery unfold.