Escape From Tarkov technical alpha testing phase begins, access given based on pre-order date

Escape From Tarkov Alpha

The omni-complicated, massively ambitious shooter-MMO Escape From Tarkov has entered its technical alpha with the help of its community. They’re doing a lot of bug squashing across a couple of large maps, as well as investigating basic mechanics with large numbers of people to find holes.

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Those taking part are sadly under NDA, but if you want to get access yourself it’s possible via pre-order. Doing so now will mean a bit of a wait, as they’re going chronologically through buys in waves. A post on the forums says that there are a number of details to fill out on your site profile to make sure you’re good to go.

It looks like the ‘Left Behind’ Edition is what you need for a shot at it, Edge of Darkness for guarantee. That’s quite a bit of money to spend on a game very few have played, and the alpha is still super early. Optimization work is still a major part of what’s going on, so buyer beware – you might be better off waiting.