Tactical FPSMMO Escape from Tarkov’s closed beta is live for select pre-orders

Escape from Tarkov hideout

Battlestate Games have sent out the first wave of invites for the Escape from Tarkov closed beta, opening up access for selected pre-order customers. Everyone who has an Early Access package should have their invites within the week. 

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Described as “hardcore” and “realistic,” Escape from Tarkov is an MMO/FPS hybrid that puts tactics before stats. In it, you take on the role of a mercenary as you try to – you guessed it – escape from Tarkov. Supply lines are cut and the ways out are blocked by peacekeepers – you have to survive in a no man’s land filled with other well-armed operatives. There’s a new trailer above if you want an idea of how it plays.

The closed beta launches along with a host of improvements to the game, including an all-new location: Shoreline. All existing locations have also been rebalanced, with loot spawns completely reworked. General chat channels have also been added so you can team up with strangers for raids.

“In recent months we have done a formidable job optimising the speed and stability of the game, and fixed a lot of errors,” Nikita Buyanov, head of Battlestate Games says. “Our main task is to make it comfortable to play for everyone. Therefore, I hope that players will understand the precautions we took with the gradual admission process. Of course, the development of the game doesn’t stop there. It will grow richer with features and content with every consecutive update, as soon as they are ready. For example, the closed beta testing will be soon expanded with the quest system.”

If you want to take part, you’ll have to be prepared to sign an NDA, though streaming and video are allowed.