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Escape from Tarkov Flea Market guide

Scrap, guns, ammo, and armour - the flea market has it all

Escape from Tarkov flea market

Getting to grips with the Escape from Tarkov Flea Market and want to know how to make a few more roubles/dollars/euros of it? The flea market has become an integral part of the Escape from Tarkov economy. While an extremely handy tool, it can be quite daunting to get your head around, and even more challenging to make some good money using it.

However, once you get it under control, you can make big on everything from toilet roll to high tier body armour. Anything you will need for your hideout, PMC loadouts, or just attachments for show pieces – it can all be found in the flea markets listings.

Making money can become easy, and most things that come back from a raid in your backpack will sell higher on the market than if you dumped it into a trader sell box. It takes time for some of the best returns to come through, but if you aren’t pressed for time then you can make money fast in Escape from Tarkov so you’ll be raking in the roubles with ease.

How to unlock the Flea Market In Escape from Tarkov

The Flea Market is only available once you hit PMC level 15. The best approach to get access is to do as many trader missions as you can. They reward a lot of xp and get you into the swing of the game sharpish. Taking cheap guns and killing as many Scavs as possible will also net a good amount of experience, even if you don’t escape the raid. Identifying new items and exploring maps also adds to your total so you can gain a chunk by just examining all the items in a trader screen.

Once the market is unlocked, you’ll have a big wall of unidentified items. Over time you’ll see every item and if you come across something unknown, just right click and examine to make sure you don’t have to waste time mid-raid to find out the brand name of a backpack before you can open it.

Flea Market guide Escape from Tarkov

Flea Market filters in Escape from Tarkov

There are lots of options for narrowing down the listings and tracking down the items you’re after. You can also put in a general term to get an idea of what is available. Searching for a weapon will list it’s variants, and some of the attachments specific to that platform. You can turn on the barter items options to show things that people are trading for other stuff – for example if you want to buy a new gun but want to use random scrap instead of cash.

This is super useful if you have a heaving stash full of odds and end. Turning your collection of bolts into a rifle can be very simple. Another option is to right click an item in your stash and filter by item. This will take you to the flea market and only show offers for the item you have selected. This can be helpful if you have two of a particular bullet left and you want to stock up. Instead of searching you are presented with a list of that specific round. This is handy for selling too as you can quickly check prices before listing your own.

Flea Market guide Escape from Tarkov

How to buy from the Flea Market In Escape from Tarkov

Once you’ve found the item you want, at a price you like, you’ll have to select the option to buy it, choose your quantity and hit yes. If you’ve gone for a cheap deal then most likely, the offer will not be available. This happens when an Item is bought by someone else before you get a chance to complete the trade. This happens with low price items a lot, or items in high demand. In general, you may have to search for a slightly more expensive option to make sure you get what you want, or keep trying your luck with the bargain options and hope you get lucky.

Just be careful when buying armour or medical supplies: you’ll always want to check the quality to make sure you aren’t buying a salewa with only two hit points of healing left.

If you’re trading your barter items for something, you will need to select the things being asked for. Thankfully you’ll be shown the items in your stash that match, so making sure you choose the right things is easy.

Flea Market guide Escape from Tarkov

How to sell on the Flea Market In Escape from Tarkov

When you’re looking to sell an item, you should select it in your stash and choose the filter by item option. This will show you all the listings for the item you’re looking to offload. Here you can get an idea for pricing, which works well if you want to get rid of a collection of bolts at a competitive price. This can cause trouble when trying to sell weapons, so you’ll have to make a judgment call. The listings will show all offers for a weapon, regardless of its attachments. This means that an AKM with wood furniture will show up in the same list as your fully kitted, polymer body, scoped with a backup red dot AKM. You can either strip it and sell the parts individually, or you can put it up for a price you think is fair, and wait for that lucky player searching for a nice AKM to come across it in the listing.

Once you’ve decided, you can select add offer in the Flea Market and choose the weapon from your stash. You’ll then have to enter the price you want and choose the currency. Just be aware that a portion of that price will be taken immediately from the money in your stash as a fee for listing the item. This is also why you’ll want to avoid listing overly ambitious trades as you can lose big money on listings alone.

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If you’re looking to sell an item for barter goods, you’ll have to select add offer and then choose the box for barter items. You can then search the list for whichever item you’re wanting in return. You’ll still have to pay a fee in roubles, but hopefully you’ll get the goods you need to finally upgrade that generator in the hideout. You can have up to three listings active in the market at one time, but those can contain any number of an identical item. Time to get rid of those forty bandages you no longer have use for.

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